7 Different Features of RGB and Neopixel Lightsabers

7 Different Features of RGB and Neopixel Lightsabers

7 Different Features of RGB and Neopixel Lightsabers

Since the Star Wars franchise was released, lightsabers have captured the heart and imaginations of millions of fans. These iconic weapons Jedi Knights and Sith Lords use to fight each other aren’t just elegant in design and come in various colors. There are many remarkable possibilities in the Star Wars universe, and a lightsaber with exciting features is one of them. 

Two lightsabers that stand out and can help illuminate your way through the Star Wars universe are the RGB and Neopixel lightsabers. These glowing weapons come with many features that make them stand out on every planet in this galaxy. Whether you’re a dedicated cosplayer, a fan of the Star Wars franchise, or simply a passionate collector, understanding the features of these lightsabers will enhance your galactic experience.

What makes them different? How do they compare? Don’t fret because we’ll be breaking it all down in a way that even a battle droid will understand. We’ll walk you through their unique features and impressive features. We’ll leave no lightsaber unturned, from their incredible effects to their vibrant colors. Without further ado, let’s get into it. May the Force be with You!

Pixel sword blade and rgb sword blade brightness comparison

1. What Are RGB Lightsabers?

Traditional lightsabers usually have a single color representing the crystal used in construction. While blue and green are synonymous with the Jedi, red represents the Sith. However, RGB introduced a new level of customization into the Star Wars community.

RGB lightsabers allow people to customize and change the color of their blades. This way, you can enjoy a dynamic and customized lightsaber experience. RGB lightsabers come with multiple LED color options. While RGB is an acronym red, green, and blue, RGB lightsabers usually offer a variety of colors.

This type of lightsaber mixes red, green, and blue to create the resulting colors for users. Most times, the types of color available on an RGB lightsaber depend on the model and lightsaber company. While some companies offer over six varying colors, others provide over 20 different color options. Some common hues in RGB lightsabers include yellow, white, purple, orange, and even cyan color.

Choosing your preferred color allows you to express your individuality and creativity and adds a new layer of immersion to duels and cosplaying. RGB lightsabers also offer features like blade effects such as pulsating and flickering of light to make the lightsabers more realistic and bring you closer to your favorite Star Wars character.

2. What Are NeoPixel Lightsabers?

Neopixel has become a fan favorite in the Star Wars community. The Neopixel lightsaber ushered in a new generation of saber technology and closely resembles those wielded by the Jedi and Sith. The name NeoPixel was trademarked by Adafruit Industries, famous for its lightsaber kits in the lightsaber community. 

NeoPixel lightsabers are mostly loved for their vast range of customization features. The technology used in creating these lightsabers allows you to easily make the saber your own. While most sabers light up the blade through a light source in the lightsaber hilt, Neopixel uses LEDs inside the blade for its lighting effects. You’ll often find that a NeoPixel blade has over a hundred diodes in its LED strips.

Unlike RGB LEDs with limited lighting options, you have more customization options because of the many light sources along the blade. Each LED inside a NeoPixel lightsaber can be programmed independently to generate a unique effect or color. Few lightsabers can effectively provide a visual spectacle as the NeoPixel does. NeoPixels can shimmer and flash according to the preference of the user. You can also synchronize the effects with the soundboard leading to an impressive display similar to clashing lightsabers in the Star Wars movies.


3. What Is the Difference Between NeoPixel and RGB Lightsabers

NeoPixel and RGB lightsabers are the most popular in the market. It can be hard to tell how they’re different and which is the best option. This section will explore their major differences to help you decide on the right saber.

3.1 The Difference of Lightsaber Blades

The blade is one of the essential components you need to consider when comparing RGB and NeoPixel lightsabers. You can’t duel without the blade; choosing a blade that can easily take a beating is best.

For cosplayers, aesthetics are the most important feature when choosing a blade. However, if you want to take your lightsaber skills to the next level and engage in duels, you need a blade you can rely on in the heat of battle.

RGB and NeoPixel lightsabers offer heavy-grade and mid-grade blades. These blades come in different grades and lengths. While Midgrade blades are best for showing off your colors, Heavy Grade blades are ideal for intense battles.

neopixel saber blade vs rgb blade

Despite the similarities, some salient differences set the lightsabers apart. The blade, weight, grip, and hilt designs are vital factors to consider when selecting the right blade for you.

The neopixel lightsaber blade features multiple LED strips and precise control over each to create a visually striking effect. Users can program each LED to create a dynamic and visually stunning appearance. Neopixel blades are thinner than RGB lightsabers, allowing detailed designs. However, the multiple LED strips make NeoPixel blades fragile and susceptible to damage during heavy combat.

On the other hand, the standard RGB lightsabers feature a single LED that combines the green, red, and blue diodes in one unit. The blade is also thick and is, therefore, more durable and sturdier for heavy combat. The standard RGB blades are built to last, offering the durability required to survive brutal combat. Although RGB blades don’t offer the stunning visual effects of NeoPixel, you can still enjoy a wide range of colors. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for special effects and stunning aesthetics, NeoPixel is your best choice. However, for those looking for sturdy blades for combat, RGB lightsabers are the better option.

3.2 Differences in Lightsaber Colors and Lumens

If you’re interested in the brightness and effects, you need to know how NeoPixel and RGB compare in terms of colors and lumens. Every lightsaber enthusiast wants a lightsaber that seems realistic. This is where NeoPixel sabers shine the brightest. The LED strips within the blades always ensure a brighter glow and many colors and animations you could never get with an RGB lightsaber.

NeoPixel lightsabers can offer multiple colors and brightness because of the individual LED strips inside the blade. These strips light up different sections of the blade, offering a bright appearance that’s unavailable with other lightsabers. It offers a vast color palette, allowing users to choose the color they want, from classic green to vibrant purple or even custom hues.

neopixel saber light vs rgb saber light

NeoPixel lightsabers allow users to enjoy smooth color transitions and pulsating effects. However, the lumen depends on the blade and LED configuration. Despite this, NeoPixel lightsabers still offer a brighter illumination than other lightsabers.

On the other hand, the RGB lightsaber only has an LED strip in the hilt. Therefore, the light dulls as it travels along the blade. Although the color options are not as vast as NeoPixel lightsabers, users can still enjoy a wide range of colors. The Lumens offered by this saber usually depend on the model of the lightsaber, but they’re usually bright, especially at the hilt of the blade. 

For cosplayers looking for bright and colorful lightsabers that seem more realistic, then the NeoPixel lightsaber is the clear winner. The light never dulls along the blade, and you can enjoy bright and vibrant illumination all day. 

3.3 Difference in Lightsaber Components

Compared to RGB lightsabers, neopixel lightsaber internals are more complex and take things to a new level with their inner components.

To give users a realistic look and special effects, the NeoPixel hilts use many internal components. The NeoPixel features additional components like a microcontroller and a strip of NeoPixel LEDs. It also consumes more battery power than the standard saber because of the multiple LEDs. Although power consumption has improved over the years, it still consumes more power than the RGB lightsaber.

The RGB lightsaber has a much simpler internal structure. There’s just a single LED module within the hilt.

Therefore, it’s easier to maintain and consumes even less battery. Its simple components make them less susceptible to damage and easier to assemble when necessary. While both offer the components necessary for a realistic performance, the RGB lightsaber’s simplicity makes it easier to maintain and more durable for duels.

3.4 The Difference in Lightsaber Effects

Beyond the bright colors and lumens, the effects offered by each lightsaber are a crucial feature to consider. NeoPixel lightsabers can offer a wide range of impressive effects like animation, responsive effects to clashes and motions, and blade scrolling due to the individual LED control in the saber. These features can enhance the visual experience while using the blade.

On the other hand, RGB lightsabers do not offer the individual LED control NeoPixel offers. However, users can still enjoy different effects like flickering effects, smooth color transitions, and clash sounds simulating the impact of lightsaber strikes. In the end, the effects available depend on the lightsaber model. Some models allow users to enjoy an extra level of realism when using their RGB lightsabers.

3.5 The Difference in Lightsaber Weight

Due to their internal components and thin blades, NeoPixel lightsabers tend to be heavier than RGB lightsabers. It carries extra weight because of the microcontroller, wiring, and hilt design. Although the weight isn’t always a top issue for most users, you might need to consider a lighter lightsaber for extended duels. 

On the other hand, RGB lightsabers feature thicker blades but are usually lighter overall because of their basic internal structure. There are no complexity or scrolling blade components to worry about, so users can enjoy a lighter hilt. Note that the weight can still vary depending on the materials used and the hilt design.

3.6 The Difference in Suitability for Dueling

NeoPixel lightsabers are quite durable and can be used for dueling. Their blades are designed to withstand intense combats and lightsaber strikes. However, the scrolling blade effect, which is possible because of the individual LED control it features, makes it fragile and susceptible to damage upon impact. Striking the blade against hard surfaces or engaging in aggressive duels could significantly damage the lightsaber’s inner components.

On the other hand, RGB lightsabers are excellent for extended dueling. Their simpler internal components make them durable and can withstand aggressive combats. Sometimes, the durability depends on their model and construction, but they’re slightly stronger and less prone to damage, like the NeoPixel lightsaber. 

3.7 The Difference in Lightsaber Price

The cost is another factor worth considering when choosing between RGB and NeoPixel lightsabers. Due to the advanced technology and additional components offered by NeoPixel lightsabers, they tend to be more expensive. However, the cost usually depends on the brand, customization options, and the complexity of the blade effects. NeoPixel lightsabers are an excellent investment for lightsaber collectors looking for advanced effects and an advanced level of customization.

On the other hand, RGB lightsabers are usually more affordable. However, with many brands offering this type of lightsaber, prices can also vary depending on the quality, hilt design, and other features it could include. Despite this, RGB lightsabers are a more cost-effective option but don’t offer the capabilities of a NeoPixel lightsaber. 

Where to Buy NeoPixel Lightsaber

If you’ve chosen to get an affordable neopixel lightsaber because of its realistic and immersive features, then there are many places you can buy a NeoPixel lightsaber online.

Some trusted sellers where you can purchase the best NeoPixel lightsaber to begin your epic Jedi or Sith adventures are Saberforge, The Sabers Factory, UltraSabers, and even Etsy. These sellers are treasure troves for lightsaber enthusiasts looking for unique lightsabers that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Of course, customer service is also an important reference for purchasing a pixel saber. Brands that can promptly respond to questions, as well as handle after-sales, are the best places to buy neopixel lightsaber from.

Final Verdict

The NeoPixel and RGB lightsaber offers varying features for lightsaber collectors and cosplayers. You should consider the abovementioned features before choosing which is best for you. Considering these factors, you can select the saber that fits your needs and requirements. If you’re looking for stunning effects color options, the NeoPixel lightsaber is ideal. On the other hand, the RGB lightsaber is for those who want a more affordable option and a sturdy blade for dueling. Ultimately, both lightsabers offer an immersive experience that allows Star Wars fans to channel their inner Jedi.




1. How much is a NeoPixel Lightsaber?

The price of a NeoPixel lightsaber usually varies according to the brand and features it offers.

The level of customization and design also plays a crucial role in the pricing. However, the average price for NeoPixel sabers ranges from $300 to $600.

Of course, a $160 Neopixel lightsaber can be found, depending on current market demand. But it can't match the performance of a real pixel lightsaber. Cheap neopixel lightsabers can be divided into several versions, such as SNV3/SNV4. Its different brands and factories have different characteristics.

2. Is the NeoPixel lightsaber worth it?

Yes, the NeoPixel lightsaber is entirely worth it. It offers a realistic performance and vibrant colors to help you live out your favorite Star Wars character.

3. Which is better, Disney or NeoPixel's lightsaber?

According to reviews, this can be hard to determine, but the NeoPixel lightsabers are better. They glow brighter, have more sound effects, offer flickering effects, and much more. The Neopixel sabers respond quickly to sound, while the Disney lightsaber tends to lag slightly.

4. Can NeoPixel sabers change colors?

Yes, the NeoPixel lightsaber offers many colors, and you can change it to your preference using the button on the saber’s hilt. You can also choose your color by letting the saber slowly change.

5. Is Neopixel a brand?

Many brands produce the NeoPixel lightsaber, so it’s not a brand.

6. Can you buy just a Neopixel blade?

Yes, you can. You can order one if you need an extra blade for safety purposes or because your current blade is damaged. The criteria for the best neopixel blade is that the denser the LED beads inside, the better. However, ensure you choose the right diameter of the blade so it perfectly matches your saber.

7. Can I charge my NeoPixel overnight?

It isn’t recommended to charge your NeoPixel overnight. You should charge the lightsaber for no more than 5 hours. Therefore, an overnight charge could affect the battery's lifespan.

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