Mandalorian-S9-lightsaber Mandalorian-S9-lightsaber

Dueling Sabers

Budget-friendly for beginners

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luke-neopixel-lightsaber luke-neopixel-lightsaber

Apprentice Sabers

Exclusive design for mid-level players

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Obi-Wan-EP3-TV-neopixel-lightsaber Obi-Wan-EP3-TV-neopixel-lightsaber

Master Sabers

Highly reproducible for collectors / cosplayers on a budget

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ANASABER is a brand that has taken the lightsaber industry by storm. Born in 2015, it is a popular brand that is making a name for itself by providing high-quality lightsabers that are perfect for any fan of the genre. One of the key benefits of being a young brand is the fresh perspective and innovative ideas that come with it. At ANASABER, we are constantly exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries to bring our customers the very best lightsaber experience.

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