PROFFIE 2.2 Lightsaber Guide


1. If you order a high-end replica sabe the chassis is removable, Due to the board doesn't have to short-circuit protection. Make sure to match the pins. One side is 6 pins, another side is
5 pin. Short circuit caused by improper operation is not covered by warranty.

2. Ensure the battery is in the correct position after charging. Don't flip the positive and the negative. Normally you only charge the battery for 3-4 hours if the battery runs out.

3. When charging, you need to take out the battery and put it into the charging compartment. Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles otherwise the charging will not succeed.



  1. "Battle Mode" - hold AUX and Swing while the blade is ON to toggle mode ON/OFF.
  2. lignite (ON) - click PWR or Twist On while OFF
  3. Muted ignition (ON) - double click PWR while OFF
  4. Retract (OFF)  click PWR or TWIST HILT while ON (disabled during swinging).



  1. Play Music Track - hold and release PWR while OFF hold and release PWR with the blade pointing straight up while ON.
  2. Silent mode - double click the PWR to mute the saber while OFF.
  3. Adjust volume - hold the PWR/AUX meanwhile to enter/exit the volume adjustment mode after hearing the "di" sound, click PWR to turn up the volume, and click AUX to turn down the volume while OFF.
  4. Change Soundfonts Previously Preset - click AUX while OFF (pointing down)Next Preset - click AUX while OFF (parallel or up)



  1. Blast - click AUX while ON.
  2. Multi-Blast Mode - hold and release AUX while ON to enter mode, Swing to initiate Blasts, and click Aux to exit mode.     Lock up, clash, stab, melt, drag or any button press automatically exits the mode.
  3. Clash - clash blade while ON. in Battle Mode clash and pull away quickly for "Clash"(requires BEGIN_LOCKUP and END LOCKUP styles).
  4. Lock up - hold AUX and clash while Battle Mode clash and hold steady to activate, and pull away to disengage.
  5. Drag - hold AUX and stab down while ON. in Battle Mode stab down, and pull away to disengage.
  6. Melt - hold PWR (or AUX) and thrust forward and clash while ON in Battle Mode thrust and clash to engage, pull away to disengage.
  7. Lightning Block - hold PWR and click AUX while ON.
  8. Force - hold and release PWR while ON.
  9. Stab - thrust forward and clash blade while ON deactivated in.




1. For models with built-in charging ports, please unscrew the saber pommel or handle. and then use the charging cable provided by the merchant to plug in and charge.

2. For models without a charging port please unscrew the sabre handle, then take out the battery and use the charging box provided by the merchant to charge.



  1. Power Save - hold Aux and click PWR while ON (pointing up) to use Power Save (requires style).
  2. Color Change - hold AUX and click PWR while ON(parallel or down) to enter CCWheel, turn hilt to rotate through colours, and click PWR to select/exit if usingCOLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT each button press advances one Color at a time



Please make sure the battery is installed correctly and you hear a beep, it means the lightsaber is in standby mode. (it is recommended to take out the battery when using the lightsaber).