Tapón Metálico

Metal Plug puede tener un buen efecto a prueba de polvo cuando su sable de luz permanece en el soporte de exhibición. Y transmitirá un efecto de luz genial cuando se encienda el sable de luz.
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More about NeoPixel Lightsaber

What is a neopixel lightsaber?

NeoPixel lightsabers are mostly loved for their vast range of customization features. The technology used in creating these lightsabers allows you to easily make the saber your own. While most sabers light up the blade through a light source in the lightsaber hilt, Neopixel uses LEDs inside the blade for its lighting effects. You’ll often find that a NeoPixel blade has over a hundred diodes in its LED strips.

Unlike RGB LEDs with limited lighting options, you have more customization options because of the many light sources along the blade. Each LED inside a NeoPixel lightsaber can be programmed independently to generate a unique effect or color. Few lightsabers can effectively provide a visual spectacle as the NeoPixel does. NeoPixels can shimmer and flash according to the preference of the user. You can also synchronize the effects with the soundboard leading to an impressive display similar to clashing lightsabers in the Star Wars movies.

Are neopixel lightsabers good for dueling?

The NeoPixel Lightsaber has the same blade as the RGB Lightsaber, which is made of high-strength PP material. However, the Pixel Lightsaber has an additional strip of hundreds of LEDs and a pin connector at the end of the blade. This makes the Pixel Lightsaber even more complex. Heavy dueling may damage the led strip in the blade, resulting in bad spots on the blade, or even destroying the pins in the connecting part, resulting in the entire blade failing to light up.
So we don't recommend using neopixel lightsabers for dueling.

How much is a neopixel lightsaber?

For $179 you can buy one of the most basic pixel lightsabers. But it only has the simplest handle construction and a basic soundboard.

NeoPixel lightsabers have a more complex structure and more features, making them more expensive relative to RGB lightsabers. You can pay 179 dollars to get it, or 1000 dollars. It depends on the design of the hilt, how difficult it is to make, and the quality of the electronics inside. Lower-priced control boards have more limited animation capabilities, whereas higher-priced Pixel Lightsabers use CFX or Proffie control boards with more features.

Where to buy neopixel lightsaber?

Where to go to buy a satisfactory pixel lightsaber depends on your budget and what you want from your lightsaber.
For example, what soundboard? A replica or an independent design? Will you be dueling with it? What is your acceptable wait time to receive your lightsaber? As well as find out the seller's warranty policy.

If "good value for money" is really your only concern, then check out LGT or TXQ. They are the best known lightsaber makers in the field.

ANASABER is one of TXQ's elite partners. We offer affordable pixel lightsabers.For $179, you can choose a basic pixel lightsaber with cool lights and a great soundboard. And we work with FedEx/DHL, the package is usually delivered in about 7 days after you hand it over to the carrier. Also, we offer lifetime repair advice.